Hello everyone! My name is Stefen Dobrec and I want to start off by stating the obvious fact that I LOVE FOOD. 

They say, “You are what you eat;” I believe you are how you eat. I like to eat well, and believe that the entire eating experience should be a fun and exciting one. In my opinion, each meal has the potential to bring you pleasure and contribute to your well-being. Whether that means exciting your taste buds or nourishing your body.

From start to finish, cooking brings happiness. The transformation of simple ingredients into something unique and special is an inexplicable process. When that end product is composed of healthy and wholesome ingredients that can satisfy the palates of all, it is a truly joyful thing.

My goal through this blog is to share my passion and help those who may need some inspiration in the kitchen.



Background of my eating practices:

The best memories of my early life are around the dinner table at nightly family dinners. My mom always had a home cooked meal ready and waiting, and the topics at the table had no limits. Some of my best friends used to joke that we needed our own reality TV show after having dinners at my house. Food was enjoyable to me, and I loved to cook, but what I put in my body was really an after thought.

When I got to college, choosing the cheap and easy meal rather than cooking something wholesome and nutritious was the common way to go each day. And then I started feeling sick. It was nothing major, really a daily stomachache and cramps. After months of annoyance, I finally tracked the cause down to what I was eating.

After some trial and error, I switched to a highly plant based, pescatarian diet with organic local ingredients and immediately found relief. It also helped that my girlfriend is a pescatarian studying to become a dietician! I have held on to those practices, albeit with an occasional steak thrown in, and received more than just stomach relief; but an improvement in life overall.

My little kitchen:

There should be no limitations to what you can do in a kitchen.  Though my little New York apartment kitchen is small enough for me to almost touch wall-to-wall (I’m also 6’4” lol) I have found no stifling of my creativity or ability to create “fancy” dishes for friend and family within it. Going from large kitchens to where I am now was a challenge at first, more than a few cups and dishes got knocked over! But moving to this new space allowed me to cut down the excess, and forced me to express ideas for new dishes in new ways. I believe that anyone can be a great cook no matter the circumstances.

Cooking philosophies:

  • Have fun
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment
  • Recipes are really more like guidelines than rules